FootyHero®: Heroes Do, Others Dream
Tell me about this FootyHero® then...

FootyHero® has been developed especially for the football supporter and fantasy football fanatic who continually asks themselves the following questions:

Where can I find out about my favourite players? What about that guy in the WAFL I've got my eye on?

At FootyHero® we know that not all news can be about the superstars, especially when you have a fantasy team to manage. That's why we make it our business to try and keep you up-to-date with players from all over the AFL. We will endeavour to keep tabs on those upcoming players who might make a difference to your team. Of course, we will also tell you when it is time to buy or sell one of your heroes. We are here to make your team better.

Why does my game say three kicks are worth a free against? How is a goal worth six handballs?

We don't get it either. How do other fantasy games get away with such silly scoring systems that produce a score of 1800 or something? For us each kick is a kick and each goal is a goal. You don't lose points because of some other action. You just go out to beat your opponent and your league and to us that makes much more sense.

I've got THIS GUY in my team... who do you have?... oh, same guy hey?

At FootyHero®, we think it is ridiculous that a hero can appear on more than your team. Heroes don't play for cash, they play for glory. So we developed a game that actively promotes this theory and makes it easier for you to find, keep and swap your favourite heroes.

Awww.. I just found out one of my 18 is not playing tomorrow! Can I do anything about it?

Unlike other games who make you try to guess who will play, at FootyHero® we have made the game a lot more realistic. You actually COACH your team. Where you decide to play your 18 heroes each week matters. We have put bonuses on your defensive 6, middle 6 and forward 6 to make you get the match ups right. Then over the course of the weekend you can actually move any hero (who has not yet played his game) around. Swap him with someone else in your selected team that hasn't played and make the matchups work for you.

Is there a better, more in-depth game that helps me feel like I'm coaching an AFL team?

Yes there is, and its name is FootyHero®. Check out this comparison and then email us at to join in the fun!

FootyHero® Game Element Other "Popular" Games
Unique Player Per Team
Team To Team Trading Interaction
Unlimited access to non-drafted players
Space on the list for injured Heroes
Heroes owned by teams for more than just one season
Access to pre-season trading, including draft picks
Free game play in 2010 across all game options
Ability to see game-by-game breakdown of player form