What is FootyHero®?
What Is FootyHero®?

FootyHero® the Game

Take your Fantasy Footy seriously? You ain't seen nothing yet!

We are a complete different game to what you may have played before. Simply put we are the most feature rich, team-based management game in the Fantasy Footy genre. Sure, anyone could say that, but allow us to back it up.....

Here are some of the things we do at FootyHero® that make our game the deepest Fantasy Footy game

  • A completely different scoring system that puts its focus on team composition not just the total number of points someone can score (although we do that too)...
  • A drafting system which puts the value of the player completely in your hands during a live draft! Although, if you want to pick the squad based on a cap we do that too..
  • Interactive trading system which allows you to build your squad from the coaches in your league AND a free agent pool in an unlimited fashion! Of course, if you play it based on a squad game you can make a few changes a week based on value.
  • You can play to win it all this year, or build your squad to be a dynasty over a number of years. Players can be kept across seasons!
  • If you build a dynasty we keep all your stats, performances, games and player records.
  • On game day, you can play your players anywhere you want and you can adjust it during the weekend! Coach the team you want the way you want it.
  • A completely immersive newspaper presentation style for you to win the mind game.
  • Updates over the course of the weekend, with running totals in all statistics you need to win the game.


That is only a small sample of the depth of our game. We firmly believe no one offers you what we can. Play the game your way and customise it to your liking